Well, tonight is the last night i have before i go back to school and i thought it would be boring but naa ahhn! Nathan 1/5 of the wanted decided to do a twitcam session via livetsream and yipee i got to see him thorugh livestream, through a screen but what the heck, it was something . Well, i shall go to bed happy! Goodnight.x

- Esperance .x

  • Justin: No mommy, I swear it was only one time i won't smoke again i promise
  • Pattie: Justin Drew Bieber i don't want to hear it give me your 12 phones, and the keys to your three houses and 500 cars and all of your computers and ipads and hell give me your fancy jewlery i'm freezing your bank accounts here's a pacifier; i'll go get the backpack leash from the closet and wait here while i get the holy water also